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Our healthy is helping to
reduce health care waste.

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Our healthy is a more
efficient health care system.

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Healthier employees. Happier employers.
Because members receive access to coordinated, proactive care — allowing their caregivers to anticipate their medical needs — they can stay healthier. And that means a stronger, happier, more productive workforce.
Better care. Less cost.
Through Accountable Care Solutions, employers are able to give their employees access to providers and facilities that are committed to delivering greater value, while keeping care costs under control.
Reduction of costs.
We can help reduce the overall cost of care when employees see caregivers who are accountable for delivering better-coordinated, high-quality care.
Less illness. More productivity.
High-tech coordinated care means doctors have deeper information on entire populations. With this, health care gaps can be identified and dealt with faster. This can result in a healthier, more productive workforce.
Less runaround. More coordinated care.
Because members are more engaged with their doctors, they can get better, more complete care. They will spend less time chasing records and will likely have fewer repeat tests because doctors in Accountable Care Organizations electronically share patient information and coordinate treatment. That can mean lower out-of-pocket costs.
Fewer tests. Reduced expenses.
Because care coordination is improved, members can experience faster service, fewer tests and reduced out-of-pocket expenses. And members with chronic conditions benefit from proactive care that should result in fewer emergency room visits and/or hospital admissions.
Better, faster care through technology.
Members get access to popular apps like iTriage® that can help identify health symptoms and help members choose the most convenient place to get treatment.
More time with patients.
Doctors that are part of an Accountable Care Organization have the opportunity to change the way they deliver care by moving from an outdated model that rewards them for the number of patients they see to a more efficient system that rewards the value they create and the savings they generate.
A 360˚ view of patient health.
Care coordination technologies can help everyone, from primary care physicians, to specialists, to pharmacists and nurses, understand what's going on with a patient. This can help reduce waste and duplication in care.
Better technology means better care.
Technology is at the core of Accountable Care Organizations. Aetna has invested millions of dollars in technology solutions that allow doctors to deliver better care and empowers patients to live healthier lives.
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Our healthy is caring
for more people.

By joining forces with Coventry Health Care, our footprint has grown.
Now we can provide coverage and access to care to more Medicare,
small-business and individual customers than ever. See the before and after.

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Medical Membership States
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Nearly 4 MILLION
new members



Over 2 million new small
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1.5 million Medicare

Our healthy is managing
health through technology.

Aetna is empowering people to stay healthy. And because everyone's healthy is different, we're engaging consumers in new ways.

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  • A platform for the
    of care.

    A platform for the coordination of care.

    Medicity® helps heath care professionals:

    • Coordinate care for better outcomes while saving patients time and money
    • Gain invaluable insight about their patients and the populations they serve
    • Get a 360˚ view of their patient’s health
  • The online
    health and fitness

    The online health
    and fitness platform.

    CarePass lets you:

    • Set and track health goals
    • Discover and connect health apps
    • Find access to care when you need it
  • A mobile wellness app and website.

    A mobile wellness app
    and website.

    iTriage® lets you:

    • Identify symptoms and find appropriate health care providers
    • Store (and quickly retrieve) personal health and insurance information
    • Research medications
    • Locate and compare local care options
    • Check-in to ERs and urgent care centers


  • Covering More People

  • A More Efficient System

  • Innovative Technology